National Youth Services Council (NYSC)

The National Youth Services Council (NYSC) was established in 1969 and was reorganized under the National Youth Service Act No. 69 of 1979. The main focus of NYSC is on the holistic development of youth and runs programmes in the sport, recreation, the arts, and training. According to the act he functions of NYSC includes:

  • Instill a national feeling, a sense of discipline, an understanding of socioeconomic problems and dignity of labour among youth.
  • Youth participation in national development programmes, broadening the knowledge of youth and provision of training relevant to youth.
  • Encourage the youth for competition and victory.
  • Encourage the youth for cultural, literal and artistic activities, provision of recreation facilities.
  • Assist the disabled youth.
  • Establish youth organizations, assist the existing ones
  • Formulation of youth services projects, integration, and development.

They also have companies dealing with janitor work, catering, security, and cooperatives to generate an income. The philosophy of the organization is that training is an integral part of the holistic development of youth.