The Employment Linked Training Program (ELTP) is a Strategic Intervention of ministry under the Skills Sector Development Program (SSDP) to purchase training from the private sector and public sector training institutes outside the ministry.


The objectives of Training Purchased Model (TPM) as aligned with the Skills Sector Development Program (SSDP) are given below.

  • Enhance participation of private and non-government organizations (NGOs) in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Sector
  • Explore for innovative, flexible and effective modalities of training delivery suitable to industry context and occupational outcomes
  • Address existing and emerging skills gaps in industry in terms of quantity, quality and relevance
  • Initiate training in new fields of training where public sector involvement is inadequate
  • Create a healthy competitive environment in TVET sector for private and (NGOs) players to improve the overall quality of services