SSDP Construction activities includes upgrading and refurbishing existing colleges and training centers, and constructing several new buildings. Some of the building refurbishment and construction activities of SSDP would trigger the environmental laws and procedures of the Government of Sri Lanka as well as Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) and World Bank’s (WB) environmental safeguards policies. However, considering the scope of SSDP, it is unlikely that it would generate significant environmental impacts. Potential environmental impacts of construction and refurbishment activities are site-specific, and any adverse environmental impact or risk can adequately be addressed through mitigation measures.

All MSTRSDVT constructions will take place in its own lands or IA-owned lands and none of the SSDP related refurbishment or construction activity will lead to acquire any land permanently or temporarily from a person, household, business establishment, or from a community. MSTRSDVT will obtain additional land, if required, for SSDP from the state land pool or from other ministries who own excess land.

Any of the refurbishment of existing buildings or construction of new buildings will not take place in a critical habitat or in an environmentally sensitive area like wetlands, or forest lands and will not neither block or affect persons’ assets, access to assets, income sources, or means of livelihoods. The SSDP construction activities will not affect or have any impact on Vaddhas (indigenous peoples) or their culture, human rights, economy and society, or on the land that they own, or on the land that they claim as their ancestral domain to which they have a collective attachment.

Project Category:

The whole SSDP program is fall under category B for environmental assessment as per the ADB & WB guidelines. An IEE and ESMP are required for this type of project. All subprojects are required to have an ESMP. All projects exceeding SL Rs. 100 million or falling within a sensitive site will be required to go for an IEE. All the approved IEES are published in this website for public disclosure.