The overall objective of introducing and adopting Human Resources Development policies is to ensure the availability of competent academic and non-academic staff with high degree of professionalism to produce competent human resources from TVET Sector.


Specific Objectives

  • To attract, recruit and retain adequate number of qualified trainers and other staff.
  • To have performance management system to facilitate professional development/career progression, succession planning and preparation for retirement.
  • To ensure trainers to have updated industry experience while strengthening TVET sector linkages with industries.
  • To build capacity of trainers to work as technical leaders in the area of work.
  • To manage HR activities in TVET institutions with more flexibility.

Human Resources Development Policy Capacity Training

  • 1. Higher Professional Qualification in Teaching- National Diploma in Technical Teacher Education (NVQ 5)

    National Diploma in Technical Teacher Education is a one year (two semesters) professional development programme designed for NVQ 3 or 4 teachers of the TVET Institutions to provide knowledge and exposure on teaching methodology in diploma level.

  • 2. Training Centre Management

    This is a five day training programme designed for persons in charge of Training Centres of TVET institutes those who are almost all are instructors and the programme covers the areas such as coordinating with stake holders, Legal aspects /Commercial Law, Learning Environment, Quality Assurance, Human Resources Management, Resource Management, Student Management, Financial Management etc.

  • 3. Industrial Training Management

    This is a five day training programme designed for persons handling industry training at TVET training institutes those who are almost all are instructors and this covers introduction to industrial training, planning and organizing of industrial training, selection of industry for industrial training, Public relation role of industrial training officer, monitoring of industry training etc.

  • 4. Assessor Training

    Assessor Training Programmes are designed for five days and accordingly, 448 Instructors were trained as NVQ 4 Assessors in the following areas.

    This training ptogramme has been designed to provide the knowledge on NVQ system, National Competency Standards (NCS), Competency Based Training (CBT). Participants had opportunity to do a pre Assessment as a training requirement and thereafter all the participants are required to do a MOCK assessment under a real situation.