Introduction & Objectives

Management Information System (MIS) is an institutional support service, which manages educational related data and derives useful information for:

  • Operational Activities
  • Decision Making
  • Planning Process

Design, development and implementation of a Management Information System for the TVET Sector, which include:

  • Development of Software for the Operation of Centers
  • Development of Software for Information Management
  • Development of Software for Planning and Decision Support
  • Development of Graduate Tracking Software
  • Proposals for the Hardware for the operation
  • Proposals for Network and Communication for the Operation
  • Software Maintenance, Backup and Recovery System
  • User training and technical training

The specific objectives of the system are:

  • To promote efficient center management through informed decision-making practice by increasing demand for information use.
  • To create an information system to MSTESDVTKH, TVEC and to head office of each institute to disseminate the knowledge and to help the planning process
  • To extend the service to the private NVQ training providers to acquire training information and automatically transfer the certificate details to TVEC.
  • To enhance the institutional capacity on MIS both technical and operational level
  • To assist the QMS functionalities so as to improve the training quality

Quality management and central administration at the institute including planning, monitoring and evaluation as well as follow-up strategies needs attention for qualty management to be addressed.